Welcome to Muddy River Homes.

We’re a family business in the heart of Missouri dedicated to creating beautiful homes for local families.

Muddy River Homes started in the suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri in 2010. Through high-quality and thorough renovation, we rehabilitate neighborhood eye-sores into structures that allow homeowners to thrive and flourish. Home rehabilitation not only strengthens neighborhoods and benefits the local community, but it helps us fulfill our passion to serve area families. We believe in the power of home to serve as a place of love, refuge, and hope for any family.

Ryan and Ashley Sturm discovered this passion after renovating their first home in 2009. After the renovation was complete, they knew two things: one, they would never live in a construction zone again and two, they loved working together to transform home living spaces. The next year they merged their talents to create Muddy River Homes.

Ryan serves as the owner, lead on construction and real estate. As a licensed realtor with Missouri, we lean heavily on his expertise to know the best opportunity for investment in local neighborhoods. When it comes to renovation, he makes Ashley’s vision for each home come true.

Ashley is the designer and project manager. She uses her eye for design to set the vision for each home while leaving enough room for a family to move in and add their own influence. Most importantly, she sets the pace for each project and makes sure Ryan stays on schedule.