Leaky Pipes at Spinning Wheel

Let’s be clear – this job is not like an HGTV show. It’s always a fun conversation when someone asks about Muddy River Homes and they immediately think of a fun half hour show that takes a dilapidated home to a beautiful renovation.

I enjoy those shows, I really do – I think they’re inspiring and continue to challenge people to rethink they way we recycle neighborhoods. But sometimes they tend to sidestep challenges – or quickly resolve them with seemingly endless budgets.

Foreclosure rehabilitation isn’t for the faint of heart – surprises are around every corner and the Spinning Wheel home didn’t disappoint.

Just a few weeks into the project and the progress is already significant. Demolition is complete and I’ve made the paint and flooring choices.

In the main area where the living room and the kitchen connect, we decided to remove this half wall and it immediately opened up the flow of the space.

We were also able to salvage the cabinets with a nice paint job. Ryan will add molding and new hardware to really spruce them up.

We were making great time…until Ryan turned the water on and Spinning Wheel gave us our first surprise. Water literally flowed out from the ceiling chandelier in our kitchen. And just like that…the wet drywall had to come down.

Here’s the tiny culprit that caused so much trouble.

Pipes are now fixed, water is on – and luckily this will only eat into the budget about $800. It did however eat up time. It pushed us back a solid week and time is money. In order to make up for it, we’ll hire someone to do the taping and mudding so Ryan can move on to other items.

All in all, it’s a small hiccup that could have been much worse. For instance, if you were renovating a home for the first time and decided to leave the water on overnight…much. much. worse. A little experience and caution goes a long way.

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