our first rental property

Our First Rental Property

A few months ago we decided that we were ready to add a new element to Muddy River Homes offerings Рand this week, it finally happened. On Wednesday we got the keys to our very first rental property!

It’s a cute one-bedroom apartment in St. Peters that backs up to one of the city’s better parks with a trail that takes you all the way to the city RecPlex.

Walking through the apartment reminded me so much of one of our first places in Lake St. Louis. I remember the things I loved about that simple little place. I also remember what could have been better. It’s exciting to know that we’ll have the chance to really fix up the kitchen, the flooring, and bathroom to the level we like to see it. I really believe it provides the opportunity for someone to take pride in their home.

rental kitchen

rental bedroom

rental bathroom

Give us just a few weeks and we’re going to have some great before and after photos of this place – plus, a one-bedroom ready to rent!

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