DIY: Potato and Onion Storage

The counter, floor, on top of cabinets, refrigerator…just a few places my potatoes and onions find themselves after arriving from the grocery store. I cook with these ingredients all the time and it’s past time that they needed a place.

After a quick search, I figured out how it was going to help organize my tuber mess!

ladderWhile I love this…I do not love the price. $250? Really? I made mine for less than $40. This is another fool proof project.

With every home we renovate, we find nicknacks that make their way into our personal home. Lucky enough, Janis Ann left me a great wooden ladder. From there, simply measure your openings and buy baskets accordingly. Make sure you get a basket with several openings on the sides – that’s where you will hang the hook.


I purchased “S” hooks from Target’s shower curtain section. I hung each crate at it’s designated level and made a label. Voila! Because I have little ones, I did secure the ladder to the wall with screws and then placed rubber stoppers on the feet (no slipping!)


How useful and easy is that?

If you’re without a ladder – I also saw this variation:
That would work great with a leftover palette!

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