Summer Travels

Every summer as a kid my parents would pack us up into the vehicle and make a long drive out to see my grandparents in the mountains. I’ve got great summer memories filled with playing at the farm, hiking the mountainside, or walking the railroad tracks with my sister to buy jellybeans at the corner store. Of course it wasn’t until I started packing up my own babies that I really comprehended the amount of work it took to get ready.


We’ve taken two trips this summer. One was just a couple of days to see my baby brother walk the stage to earn his bachelor’s degree.          13240702_10205566120262341_8969011678394406113_n

The second trip we hauled everyone out to the farm.

IMG_4905 IMG_0025

High maintenance is an understatement. Kudos to the parents that pack away with ease. My comprehensive list was anything but “ease” and Baby Jo hates the car. But after we got there…those little smiles (and the help of cousins) eased the stress of the logistics. IMG_0011 IMG_4895

Fingers crossed, by next summer Jo will learn to tolerate car rides (or at least she’ll be old enough for Benadryl by then…kidding…kinda). And maybe, just maybe, I’ll even get better at packing.

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