Janis Ann is Now Available

I can’t think of a better way to return from maternity leave than to announce that the Janis Ann project is up for grabs. For the last 12 weeks our family focused on the new little life that joined us. We fulfilled all those parent stereotypes of sleepless nights, forgetful days, and overwhelming happiness. Work? We pressed pause. But now we’re ready to get moving again – and we’re kicking it gear by showing off our Janis Ann gem!

This house underwent such a beautiful transformation and it’s going to be someone’s home. When I set up staging to give buyers an idea of what it would feel like to live there, I could imagine the dinners around the kitchen and dining room, the coffee bar bustling early every morning, and crackling fires in the family area. It’s a sweet space that is going to make someone very happy.

IMG_4751 IMG_4771 IMG_4773 IMG_4791 IMG_4802 IMG_4808 IMG_4813 IMG_4829

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