And Then There Were Two

It’s been more than a month since I was able to sit down and find time to write. In the last four weeks our family experienced some of life’s most extreme highs and lows. We’ve said goodbye to loved ones and welcomed new life into our world. We’ve dealt with sickness and celebrated our vibrant health. So much change packed into such a short time span continues to challenge me and serves as a reminder of the grace we all need on a daily basis.

As the dust settles, our home is forever changed with the addition of Joanna Harper. This sweet baby arrived on leap day and is keeping us on our toes! Only a week into the world and she caught a nasty cold, but she’s a tough girl and is recovering. Thankfully, Nana Yvette stayed for a bit after birth and helped our family juggle. Today is my second day alone with baby and I’m trying to find my new “normal.” Again, grace.

After a tough few weeks of family change and time off, Ryan is back at Janis Ann and determined to wrap up the project. The hardwood floors are down and look beautiful. The appliances are installed and it’s beginning to look like a finished product. Can’t wait to share the final reveal!

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