Freezer Meal Food Prep for Baby: Day Two

Freezer Meal Food Prep for Baby: Day One

Freezer Meal Food Prep for Baby: Day Three


That’s what I ended up spending out of pocket during my grocery trip to make 20 meals. That cost even includes the aluminum foil, saran wrap, and freezer bags. What it doesn’t factor in are the items I already had in my cupboard – including all the spices, some potatoes, tomato sauce, and the big money saver, my venison ground meat. Ryan, my hunter, takes time out every year to grind up a lean mix of venison and pork. With lean beef checking in at five dollars a pound – this saved us at least 35 dollars.

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 4.48.49 PM

I’ll be upfront – I never intended for this to be a cheaper option than a regular night’s dinner. I didn’t necessarily buy in “bulk” because I wanted particular items. For instance, I could have saved a dollar by buying a bulk size jar of Prego, but it wasn’t the flavor I wanted. While I’m not made of money, I want to enjoy my food. Could I have found cheaper options? Sure – but I went with quality this time.

Here is my haul – I’ve never done anything like this, it’s quite intimidating. Cooking day here we come!


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