Freezer Meal Food Prep for Baby: Day One

Freezer Meal Food Prep for Baby: Day Two

Freezer Meal Food Prep for Baby: Day Three

With Baby No. 2 being a month or less away, I’m scurrying to finish my preparations to make life a little easier when we bring her home. Those few weeks with a new baby are so precious and so short-lived, the last thing I want to be worrying about is cooking. I want my focus to be on Ryan, Coberly Nicole, and Baby No. 2 – we all need that time to soak each other up and adjust to the changes. With that being said – dinner still must be served.

The next three days I’m taking time out to create 20 freezer meals to keep my little family fed. I’ve never ventured into this cooking madness territory, but I’m ready to give it a go. Today’s goal was to create my “food prep” list. I wanted to come up with 20 meals and the extensive shopping list to make it happen. A simple search on Pinterest was enough to overwhelm/provide me with plenty of meal ideas. After reading, I realized I needed more than just food – I’ll need to purchase some disposable serving trays and plenty of aluminum foil.

If you need tips on the do’s and don’ts – I found these sites most helpful:

As I put together my list, I was pretty picky because the macronutrient contents matter to me. I may not be able to make it immediately back to my workout routine, so I want to keep nutrition in check. Plus, I don’t feel like eating the same meal over and over again…and my days of Hamburger Helper are over. Does that make me a food snob?

Here are my 20 meal ideas with links to the recipes:

Here is the PDF Grocery List for Print

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