Janis Ann Project Update

After some much needed time off for Christmas, we’re returning to the Janis Ann project recharged and ready to go. Here’s where we are so far:

Upstairs walls are painted, electrical is in, and lighting is installed. Recessed lights keep the living room and kitchen open and airy.


The chandelier is refinished (check out how here) and up.


Fans for the bedroom. The designer in me would love to see a pretty chandelier, but the practical homeowner in me wants a fan above my bed.


The old cabinets are painted and ready for hardware. Express Granite is measuring for countertops tomorrow morning.

janis ann kitchen

One of Ryan’s specialities is custom tile work. He did an amazing job on the bathroom in the master and it’s all getting grout today.


The basement drywall is up and the paint is going on this week!

IMG_0410I’m really excited because I’m off of my 9-5 job, so I get to work on Janis Ann with Ryan. This week, my big project is built in bookshelves and redoing this fireplace. It’s going to be beautiful when I’m done!


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