Picking Paint Color, Tile, & Countertops

Walking into a new project that we’ve gutted always allows me to see the space with fresh eyes. My favorite place to start rebuilding is the kitchen. At the Sturm house, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where we all touch base after we’ve finished a long day. The concoctions can warm cold skin, fill hungry bellies and fix a lot of life’s problems. I want homebuyers to be able to see themselves doing similar things in this space.

It’s always tricky with rehabs because I do not know my buyer. We walk a fine line of remaining neutral while still incorporating special touches that conjure up warm feelings of home.

For the Janis Ann Gem, we knocked out the wall separating living/dining area to the kitchen. It immediately opened the space and allows the rooms to breathe.


During my design process I scour magazines, Pinterest, and take countless trips to Home Depot. I need to make the most of this space on a budget and that always takes work. The first decision was easy – hardwood floors throughout. We haven’t found the product yet, but we know this is a must.

For paint color, I fell in love with this one:

silver strandSherwin Williams Silver Strand SW 7057

The front windows bring in light changes that keep the color versatile. In the morning it’s a cool gray, but by the afternoon, it’s warmed up to show it’s brown undertones.

I love these cabinets, but not the color. We’re going to lighten the whole room up with a simple paint job. This color isn’t stark white, but nice and clean:

IMG_4129white dove
Benjamin Moore White Dove OC-17

After going back and forth on backsplash, I’ve decided to go with the white subway tile. The space needs to remain as open and airy as possible.

I’m still on the hunt for the countertops. I love these options:

countertop3 countertop2 countertop1

Plus, we’re installing a beautiful island with a wooden top that will balance the whole kitchen out More updates to come as we make improvements.

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