The Right Place at the Right Time

Shopping for the next project is always an exciting time at Muddy River Homes.

Ryan always brings home the smell of “foreclosure” after a long day of house shopping. It could be a home with mold, pet odor, or even squatters – he’s never shy about checking every room and basement, so the smell tends to stick.

Given the competitive market in the St. Louis area, sometimes the shopping takes longer than we’d like – but sometimes, you’re just in the right place at the right time. That’s how it worked for us on the Janis Ann Gem. The home was left to deteriorate in this great little neighborhood right next to the St. Peters golf course. After the homeowner passed, a distant family member handled the trust and the home sat vacant for three years. When the time came for sale, they just wanted it gone.

These are my favorite homes. At some point this home was full of life, family, and love. The neighbors knew each other by name and shared years worth of stories. With some hard work and design insight, Ryan and I are going to restore this home and make it one of the best in the neighborhood. Then comes the best part. Someone, some couple, or some family is going to fill the beautiful space. They’re going to walk through and imagine where they can cook dinner and enjoy food with friends. They’re going to see themselves relaxing and breathing easy in their master suite. They’re going to find their new home, their new neighborhood, and their new community.


Within the first week of our arrival, Ryan made a few friends. When we started painting the outside of the home, Ryan made lots of friends. The pinkish hue (understandably) ran its course and it was time for a new look. He’s now the most popular guy in the neighborhood.

I’m thankful that God led us to this project. With our last home taking longer in the renovation stage than planned and our second little girl on the way, we both needed the satisfaction of diving in to our next project. We’re excited about this restoration and bringing life back into the Janis Ann Gem.

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